Because nobody is one-dimensional...

Bad Jenny Goods is the spectacular result of one woman's firm belief that we are seriously multi-faceted individuals. One minute we're mothering dogs and/or kids, the next we're out in nature, we're shooting, we're snuggly, we're prickly - we can be a little bit of everything all at once. Two different lines, two different moods, one shop.

BADASS BABE - High-powered ammunition jewelry and accessories using brass collected from fellow shooters, gun shows, shooting ranges and actual hunting expeditions. Nothing has live primers or could go BANG! If you should have any questions, be sure to let me know! Custom orders? Heck yeah! I can take your brass and make it kick ass! Proudly handcrafted in Montana. See more badassery at

BAD JENNY GOODS - snarky, sassy and sweet. We can be whatever we want, right? And it changes - a LOT some days! Created to encompass the little bit of everything that we are.

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